Lighting Design Service

Saturn Lighting can offer a complete design service for Industrial and Commercial installations as well as exterior floodlighting and sports floodlighting. With the introduction of CIBSE Lighting Guide LG7, the lighting of office spaces in particular has become more complex. The whole idea of the code s to produce a more visually acceptable balance between the amount of light on the working plane and the surrounding walls and ceiling. By using the old category 2 luminaires, the ceiling usually appears very dark in relation to the working plane and the walls have a scalloped effect. This gives rise to the 'tunnel effect' which can result in headaches and eyestrain.

For a room to comply with LG7 the designer must ensure that the ceiling illumination is 30% of the illumination falling on the working plane and the walls should be no less than 50% of the working plane. In addition, if a louvre type luminaire is used, either as a combination direct/indirect or direct only, LG7 lays out the specific brightness and cutoff requirements for use in a visual display environment. It should be noted however that even if the louvre complies, the room still may not comply if the other requirements are not met.

Saturn have a range of luminaires which can enable the designer to meet these exacting standards. We have recessed, surface and suspended luminaires with direct, indirect and combination light outputs. We are able to produce computer aided plots to reassure the client the specification is being met and provide detailed data sheets to illustrate the equipment being used. Whilst we prefer 'hard copy' drawings, we can accept PDF and Autocad drawings via email as well as faxed drawings. We aim to turn around in 3 working days depending on complexity and other commitments.